Carlsbad peat wraps

Peat represents the remains of the incomplete decomposition of marsh plants and contains biologically active substances, various ions and trace elements.

Peat contains a large number of various minerals like magnesium, zinc and copper.

During the treatment process, these substances are absorbed into the cells. They improve blood circulation and metabolism, reduce swelling and inflammation, removes the decay products, stimulate the capillaries and destroy bacteria.

Peat wraps and compresses are used in medicine for many years as a great way for relaxation and total body cleansing.

Peat wraps are traditionally treated to the warming procedures and used as a method of treating pain in joints, back, neck, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, rheumatism, and to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

The application of peat softens the skin, disappears itching, reduces allergic symptoms, cellulite and reduced body weight.

In the sanatorium LA BRIYUT used peat extracted and obtained directly from the Czech Republic. It is a medical peat of the highest quality, which has international fame and is used in Karlovy Vary and other famous European resorts.

Карловарские торфяные обертывания