CO2 gas applications (carboxytherapy) by Karlovy Vary method

The technique of subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide CO2, which activates the flow of oxygen to the tissues for their recovery.

Gas applications are well-known to patients who underwent treatment in health resorts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where this method is used with great success.

For injections we use a special device of the Czech production which connected to the tip with a fine disposable needle, through which ensured the accuracy of the amount of administration of pure medical carbon dioxide at the desired point.

Gas applications reduce pain, improve the condition of the bone and cartilage parts of joints, skin, and other tissues.

The procedure is effective for pain in the lower back, shoulder and hip joints, neck, back, spinal osteochondrosis, herniated discs, arthritis, osteoarthritis, headache, dystonia, skin diseases, scars.

In Israel this method is used only in spa center Labriut.

Газовые уколы (карбокситерапия) по Карловарскому методу